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Wireless magnetic power bank

Wireless magnetic power bank

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WIRELESS CHARGING:This power bank is equipped with a magnetic backing, offering a secure attachment to your phone while allowing for easy wireless charging during travel.

POWERFUL BATTERY:With a 30000mAh capacity, this power bank offers ample capacity to keep your phone fully charged throughout the day. It is also equipped with fast charging capabilities, allowing you to quickly get back to using your device.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This power bank is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal travel companion. Easily transport it in your pocket or bag to take it with you on the go.

LED INDICATORS: LEDs provide a clear indication of the charging status of your power bank and your phone, enabling accurate readings of available battery levels. In addition to wireless charging, this power bank is also equipped with a USB port for charging other devices.

MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTIONS:Compatibility: This power bank is compatible with the newest models of smartphones from Apple, Samsung, as well as other well-known companies.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:This durable power bank boasts sophisticated safety capabilities that safeguard your device and the power bank itself from potential threats like overcharging and overheating.

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